Our glass artists get up early in the morning. Waiting at the studio is a molten mass of liquid glass that has been prepared the night before for another day of production. We melt recycled glass bottles by crushing and feeding into the furnace to rebuild each day enough for the next day's work. Thru a small hole, a blowing tube is inserted into the molten mass and whipped around until the desired amount of glass hangs like a ball. When the glass is pulled out of the forge, the artist has one a small amount of time to perfectly manipulate the molten glass. By blowing air into the mass, it expands into a round shape, which is then streched, pulled, rolled or otherwise formed to the required shape. Once completed, the formed creation is then rushed to a cooling oven to slowly and without cracking return to room temperature.

Hand Blown Art Glass 

Hand blown art glass is fantastic to watch being created, blown from a molten mass into a work of art, with many tricks of the trade along the way. We finish our art glass with hand painting to create harmony with our forged  iron and thrown pottery creating our unique Mathews style. Each piece is uniquely variant from any other,  showing the handmade process, and are hand painted with choice of a large selection of finishes . Feel our spirit by combining our glass with our lighting collections with matching finishes.

Hand blown glass is impossible to make two alike and all pieces will be somewhat unique.

Our glass is finished with our own special process to become the colors below.