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Our standard iron finish is our special natural black over a green rust proof primer. Most of our sales are in our natural black so if you fail to mark down the finish from the following list we will automatically send you the black finish. Please note that our other available finishes require a 10% prem

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Cottonwood Bed

Cottonwood Bed Headboard 62''x 2''x 60'' / Footboard 62''x 2’’ x 42''

Monticello Bed

Monticello Bed Headboard 62''x 2''x 59'' / Footboard 62''x 2’' x 42''

Round Rock Bed

Round Rock Bed Headboard 62''x 2''x 60'' / Footboard 62''x 2'' x 42''

Summerville Bed

Summerville Bed Headboard 61''x 3''x 60'' / Footboard 61''x 3'' x 42''

Woodland II Bed

Woodland II Bed Headboard 61''x 2''x 60'' / Footboard 61''x 2'' x 34''