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South Fork Toilet Tissue Holder

South Fork Toilet Tissue Holder 70-302A Toilet Tissue Holder 10" x5" x3.75" 70-302B 16" Towel Bar 10" x18" x3.75" 70-302C 24" Towel Bar 10" x26" x3.75" 70-302D 32" Towel Bar 10" x32" x3.75"

Woodland Towel Bars

Woodland Towel Bars 70-317A Toilet Tissue Holder 10’’x 12’’x 3’’ 70-317B 16’’ Towel Bar 16’’x 12’’x 3’’ 70-317C 24’’ Towel Bar 24’’x 12’’x 3’’ 70-317D 32’’ Towel Bar 32’’x 12’’x 3’’

About Us

Featuring the designs of Blacksmith David Mathews, we offer our own unique collection of forged iron furniture, lighting, and accessories, utilizing the natural or recycled elements of the earth:  copper, stone, clay, Zinc, glass and more.