Our hand hammered copper is guaranteed to be crafted from good materials and executed with professional craftsmanship.

Our copper tops are made of recycled copper which is melted in a wood fire , rolled into a sheet , and hammered by hand every square inch. Hammering the copper causes it to be stressed and brittle , so the next process is to return the copper sheet back to the fire so it can be annealed , or softened. This procedure requires the copper to be heated and quickly cooled. This process is repeated depending on the amount of hammering required.The black and mottled discoloration on the copper is caused by the carbon in the fire and will be different with each piece. When the copper skin is completed, it is hammered around and attached to a wooden core.


Finally, before shipping your copper table top, we wax the surface with a dark colored wax, let dry, and then polish. Copper, being a natural element, has its own issues. For example, copper can react to other metals such as aluminum. It also con react to acid such as food acids. The wax finish will protect the copper top from most of the reactions. We recommend that you wax your copper top as needed with Mother’s Carnauba Wax. Wax the top as needed depending upon use, this will build up layer of protection.


Our hand hammered copper is guaranteed to be crafted from good materials and executed with professional craftsmanship. But we cannot guarantee any specific finish considering the natural force involved. Some pieces will be blacker and others will have more of a red coloration. Some will have bright marks similar to a new penny normally where the cooling process has flashed off the patina. Also, any copper top over 36 inches wide or long will have a fused seam running across the piece. These seams vary in coloration, along with the top itself and are sometimes visible and sometimes not. This is not a defect but in fact part of our manufacturing process.